Joint project Queen Edith’s Primary School and Perse School Cambridge


Perse School

In our community art enrichment lessons, we designed and created a large tessellated fish mural, which we worked on with year 4 students from Queens Edith’s Primary School.

Taking influences from Escher we learnt how to tessellate fish patterns, eventually creating a design template for the individual fish. We were also inspired to make our Community Art project by reading the children’s book “The Fish that could wish”. Being yourself makes you special, and it was this moral from the book which we wanted to convey to the children. We designed different tessellations of the fish, and once we had picked the best design, we transferred it to 2D designs, a laser cutting program. We used the laser cutter to cut 75 fish out of marine ply. When we had cut all the fish, we practised our different techniques of tissue collage, rubbing collage, ink blowing, paint sponging, texture painting, and stencil printing.

We then went to Queen Edith’s School where we worked with Year 4 students teaching then the different techniques. They used the ideas to create their own fish which we put onto the larger template adding our own contributions.  We returnrd to the school to put the fish on the swimming pool wall. The teachers at Queen Ediths were very welcoming and the children enthusiastic. It is definitely something we would wish to do again.

Queen Edith’s Primary School

Our Year 4 successfully carried out a collaborative project with Perse students to produce a stunning Fish Mural. The activity involved designing and decorating wooden tessellating fish shapes.  A variety of art techniques were used by the children including printing, painting, and rubbings. The Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed working with older students to make the fish mural, which has now been placed in the swimming pool area, with a plaque to highlight the achievements of pupils from both schools