King’s Hedges Educational Federation Art Exhibition

King’s Hedges Primary School has been holding an annual Art Exhibition for the past 17 years. We feel it is an excellent way of valuing the work and raising the self esteem of our pupils. Every child is represented at the exhibition.

Each year a new theme is selected and pupils work for the whole school year in different media to explore ideas related to it. There is always an emphasis given to drawing as a springboard for each project, however some years we have focused more on photography or sculpture, hence our involvement with Cambridge Sculpture Trails which has been an inspiration in previous years.

This year our exhibition was developed from the idea of ‘I, Me, My.’ It inspired a fascinating mix of projects ranging from oversized 3D secret diaries (all safely kept under locks and chains), insightful self portraits in a variety of media from several year groups, marvelous magical beanstalks from Nursery, to disconcerting life size paper mache babies from Y6. Visitors included friends of the school, old colleagues, representatives from artistic institutions in Cambridge, other local schools, parents and, of course, the pupils themselves who often prove to be the most appreciative and harshest art critics of all!

Click the images below to view the full pictures.